What set us apart as the aluminum composite panel manufacturer

Acp Malaysia is a well-known aluminium composite panel manufacturer in Malaysia. Aluminium composite panels are comprised of several layers that produce a multilayer of sheets. It is usually used in industrial structural panels or in cored laminates. Aluminium composite panels are made up of several materials such as wood, metal, ceramic, glass, fiber, and other plastic-based materials. Aluminium composite panels are used in many buildings today, as they are long last materials and are non-combustible against fire. In this blog, we will list the benefits of why you should choose Aluminium composite panels for cladding. These materials aren’t new and can be found in many famous buildings.

Why should you use ACP?

There are numerous benefits when it comes to using aluminium composite panels. Here is a list of why you should use aluminium composite panels.

Longer Lifespan:

These sheets come up with sturdy physical properties, making the material great for cladding and lasts longer on a facade. Most consumers agree that for any material to be great for cladding, one of its main factors has to be its longevity. Products that have short lifespans aren’t recommended for cladding. As tough weather creates conditions for materials to wither in the long term, so it’s best to use material with a long lifespan. aluminium composite panel suppliers such as ACP-Malaysia guarantee that our aluminium composite panels can withstand strong and harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, the sun, and so forth.


When it comes to safety, aluminium composite panels are very safe as we know that Aluminium is very tolerable to fire. Aluminium is considered non-combustible in simple terms. So in a fire accident, you know that these panels can withstand a lot of damage, and they also do not release fumes or toxic gases.


These panels are very cost-effective. They are very easy to install, and since they are made from cheap materials, they are incredibly cheap. They are also very easy to install, and you also get the added benefit of not replacing them alot. Because as we mentioned above, these panels have a long life. So it’s best to buy aluminium composite panels.

Easy Installation:

As we mentioned above, these panels are very easy to install. It is effortless and works best for both internal and external cladding. It can also be molded into different shapes and sizes, making it even better to use it for cladding. The materials required to install these panels isnt that hard to find either. Buying in bulk also reduces the cost of these panels by a lot.


Most big buildings, companies, and corporations use these panels as most companies require non-combustible materials in their buildings. As we mentioned above, as Aluminium is non-combustible, it doesn’t release toxic gas, making it the safest material for cladding in a large building.

Trouble-free maintenance and checkup:

It doesn’t require much maintenance, as these materials have a long lifespan and are very durable. The only thing required in the maintenance department is the constant wiping of the sheets and other forensic agents.

Who are we?

We are Aluminium composite panel suppliers that supply the best Aluminium composite panels you can find in Malaysia. We make sure to get you the best quality Aluminium sheets for your building.