Do you know aluminium composite panel cladding is the first choice for cladding around the world?

Do you know ACP sheets are gaining popularity in Malaysia?

Do you know exterior ACP sheet has become an essential part of building construction in Malaysia?

From homes to sky rise building, aluminium composite panel offer a wide range of advantages and that is why it has become the first choice of architects around the world. Here are a few benefits of exterior ACP sheet Malaysia…..

1.     You can be creative

Your exterior is the first thing that anyone will notice when they see the building. So, if you are looking for a unique look or you want to incorporate more colours in your building’s exterior, aluminium composite panel cladding is your best option.

Aluminium composite panels come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and if you are looking for a unique shape, they are easy to bend, cut, drill, shear, and profiling. Moreover, they come in different hues and you can also paint them to achieve the shade of your desire.

2.     It’s affordable

When it comes to exterior cladding, aluminium composite panel cladding is one of the cheapest and durable cladding options. Being a lightweight material, it does not require a lot of labour work or expensive fixings to fix it.

Not only does exterior ACP sheet Malaysia saves you money in installation, but its maintenance cost is also pretty low. It will last you almost 20 years with requiring cleaning only once or twice a year depending on the atmosphere. That does not require special equipment just a splash of water would do the job.

3.     It’s easy to install

Aluminium composite panels are a no-fuss no stress kind of material for cladding. As they come in various sizes, their transportation is a lot easier and their lightweight characteristic is like the cherry on the top. You can easily load them on a truck and installing them is also very easy.

4.     It is Non-corrosive

Do you know that exterior ACP sheet Malaysia is non-corrosive?

Generally, they are treated before installation and the protective coating makes them completely non-corrosive material. However, even if they are not treated, they are still corrosion-resistant. When exposed to a water or humid environment, a layer of aluminum oxide naturally appears on the surface and protects it from corrosion making it the best material for exterior cladding in humid regions.

5.     It is safe

Aluminium is probably the sagest material for exterior cladding. It protects your exterior from wind, heat, tremors, and most importantly it is inflammable. Aluminium does not catch fire nor does it burn or emit harmful gases when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, an exterior ACP sheet in Malaysia is considered the safest option for exterior cladding.

So, if you are impressed with aluminium composite panels’ advantages and are convinced that they are your best option for exterior cladding, look no further and contact us.

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