Product SpecificationsProcessing MethodInstallation Direction


Standard Customize
Panel Thickness 4mm  ≤ 6mm
Aluminium Thickness 0.4mm  0.5mm
Panel Width 1250mm / 1550mm  800-1550mm
Panel Length 3200mm / 4100mm  2440-6000mm
Finished PVDF Coating  PVDF / FEVE


Thickness ± 0.2mm
Width ± 2.0mm
Length ± 4.0mm
Diagonal ≤ 5.0mm
Warpage ≤ 5mm/m


Special size composite panel is available and subject to quantity requirement.

ONLYBOND™ is easy to fabricate due to its lightness, rigidity and shock resistance properties. The fabrication can be done by using simple woodworking or metal tools.



It can be cut into all kind of desired shape easily by using saw or plate saw.



ACP can be punched by using conventional sheet metal punching machines or manual notchers.


Contour Cutting

For contour on CNC machining centres use a one-edged cutter.



ACP will be bending using bending table and he die edges are rounded and smooth, so there is no damage to the panel surface when bending.


Roll Bending

For 4mm panel, the minimum bending radius without routing is 60mm. Roll Bending is similar to bending of aluminium sheet. The bending can be done using 3-roller panel bender of dies for specify radius.


Routing & Folding

It can routed using conventional routing machines. The routing process is going through the aluminium layer and partial of the PE core. It is recommended to left a uniform core material of 0.3-1.0 mm on the lower cladding sheet to ensure smooth bending.



ACP can be drilled using standard drill for aluminium. Rivets are commonly used to joint the panel to the structure. It is recommended that either aluminium or stainless steel rivets are used.



The screws should be tightened with a torque wrench or screwdriver so that the sealing washer is placed on the panel for sealing the bore hole without exerting pressure to the panel. The hole diameter in the panel must be larger than the screw diameter.

While installing the panel, the installation of all panels in one single direction as printed on protective film. This is to avoid colour shade of reflection will be difference among panels.

See illustration below :


ONLYBOND™ is protected by an opaque UV protective film. The film is advisable to be remove as soon as installation completed.

DO NOT leave the film on the panel after 45 days after the installation in order to prevent glue residue on surface due to hot and humid weather.


ONLYBOND™ panel need regular professional cleaning and maintenance. Such cleaning is not just in order to make the building keep clean and beautiful appearance, regularly remove dirt on the surface the coating, to ensure long-term quality surface coating.

The cleaning cycle depends on the actual degree of contamination of the project location and environmental conditions. Clean building exterior should be artificial or appropriate cleaning equipment, do not use any corrosive materials to clean surface coating.