Metal Facade Cladding Options In Malaysia

Cladding means applying one material layer over another to protect it; façade cladding is also similar. Façade cladding is a non-load bearing layer attached to the outside of a building to protect it from harsh climate and make it aesthetically pleasing.

Wood cladding, stone cladding, and glass cladding are some traditional cladding materials. However, metal cladding is gaining popularity because of its lightweight and versatility. Aluminium composite cladding, steel cladding, zinc cladding, and copper cladding are some metal cladding materials.

So, if you are looking for metal or aluminium cladding options in Malaysia, you have come to the right place. Read on to find which metal is perfect for your building.

1.    Steel Cladding

Steel is the heaviest and cheapest material among all, but it is prone to corrosion and warping. To overcome this issue, it is galvanized in polymer lacquer which also allows coating it in different colours. Steel cladding comes in a variety of colours, from glossy reflective paints to any factory colour; you can paint it in any colour of your choice.

2.    Zinc Cladding

Zinc cladding is the most durable type of metal cladding, and all credit goes to patina.

Now you must be wondering what patina is?

When zinc is exposed to the atmosphere, the moisture and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere try to deter its condition and start corrosion and rust. But the self-protective ability of zinc allows it to form a beautiful blue layer on its surface, called patina. This layer is actually zinc carbonate, and it protects zinc from corrosion and rust.

Another interesting feature of zinc is that it can self-heal. The continuous process of forming the patina allows it to cover up any scratches on the surface.

3.    Copper Cladding

Copper is another durable metal cladding option. Its ability to resist corrosion, wind, rain and temperature fluctuations allows it to last over 50 gears.

Aesthetically, copper can look good on any type of building. From historical to modern contemporary, copper cladding is aesthetically perfect for any building. However, the bright, shimmering red copper cladding will turn green with time because of oxidation.

4.    Aluminium Cladding

Aluminium cladding provides both strongness and lightweight ness. It is as strong as steel but weighs only one-third compared to steel. That is why builders prefer aluminium over other metals.

Aesthetically, aluminium composite cladding is the most versatile metal cladding option. It can be easily bent, forge, rolled, and cast, making it a perfect choice for unusual patterns and design buildings. Striped and patterned are the most common aluminium cladding designs.

Aluminium’s rust and corrosion-resisting property make aluminium cladding Malaysia the most durable metal cladding option. Also, its heat-resisting property allows it to reduce heat build-up inside the building. Hence, aluminium composite cladding is your best option from rain to bright sunny days. It can withstand any weather and is a perfect fit for Malaysian weather.

We hope that our guide will help you in choosing the best metal cladding for your home, office, or any building. However, if you want aluminium cladding in Malaysia, Onitek Eco Industries is the leading aluminium composite cladding provider in Malaysia. We pride on our aluminium composite panels, which are versatile, fast to fabricate, and very easy to install. Also, we have a great reputation for installing quality aluminium composite cladding and completing on-time commercial and industrial cladding projects.