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PVDF Aluminium composite panels have had a worldwide reputation, thanks to its quality in visual works in building construction, aesthetic appearance and flexibility, strength. With a wide range of products, it provides its clients significant benefits that including all aesthetic, physical, and mechanical properties in world standards for interior and exterior building facades.


Technology always requires new thinking & Innovation at its best. We provide high quality, durable and test to time aluminium composite material and sheets. Onitek Eco Industries Aluminium Composite Panels offer a wide range of advantages over similar products especially high-pressure laminates. Aluminium composite panels are lightweight cladding panels ideal for external facades and fasciae. Aluminium composite panels are specifically designed to improve aesthetic appeal of buildings thanks to their enhanced forming and installation options.


The highly formable characteristic and various available surface finishes offering broad design possibilities. It can be precisely curved to your desired curvature. The rigid yet light-weight Aluminium Composite Panels are ideal for structure finished . Load to the foundation and framework is minimised. It is ideal for pedestrian walkway, skybridge and etc.

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. Curtain wall

. Architecture Facade

. Column Covers and Beam Wraps

. Billboards and Public Signs

. Pedestrian Walkway