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ACP Malaysia
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Why Onitek Eco Industries Aluminium Composite Panels?

In recent times technology is all about style with durability, creativity, and innovation. Our motto is to supply high-quality, vigorous, and time-tested composite aluminium materials & sheets. Onitek Industrial Aluminium Composite Panels offer a broad range of advantages, particularly high-pressure laminates, over similar products.

Composite aluminium panels are lightweight cladding panels that are suitable for exterior facades and fasciae. Thanks to their improved forming and installation options, Aluminium Composite panels are specifically designed to maximize the aesthetic appeal of buildings.

Aluminium composite panel

The Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) consists of three layers, with two layers of top and bottom aluminium skin and a middle layer of anti-toxic polyethylene fiber. Besides, both skin surfaces must be coiled under a particular temperature setting with special paint materials such as PVDF or PE resin. For interior wall decoration, low building cladding, shop face decoration, interior partition decorations, and more, PE aluminium composite panel Malaysia can be used.

ACP cladding Malaysia is a component of the curtain wall scheme. ACP cladding is made of rigid insulation from lightweight aluminium. For exterior cladding, column covers, fascias and canopies, interior wall and partition panels, parapets, false ceilings, louvers, and sunshades, the ACP cladding Malaysia is used.

Aluminium composite cladding panels

Aluminium composite cladding panels are lightweight panels that should be suitable to enhance the visual appeal and weather resistance of buildings for exterior building façades and fascia. The flat composite cladding panels are made up of two thin sheets of aluminium bonded to a core of non-aluminium.

Less maintenance, easy to use, durability, solid construction, and lightweight are required for aluminium cladding sheets. We deal with these products as the industries trusted. The range offered is designed and produced by manufacturers using the latest technologies and raw material of fine grade in full accordance with the universal standards laid down. Our offered range of aluminium cladding sheets is highly acclaimed among our valued customers for its unique features such as simple to mount, less maintenance, longevity, perfect finish, and weather resistance.

Aluminium Composite cladding panels made of composite aluminium material (ACM) are flat panels composed of two thin aluminium sheets coated with a core of non-aluminium. The aluminium composite cladding panels are commonly used for exterior building facades, insulation, and signage. For external and internal architectural partitions, claddings, false ceilings, signs, machine covers, container construction, etc., the ACP panel sheet is mainly used.

ACP Panel Sheets:

The ACP panel sheet applications are not limited to external building cladding but may also be used in any form of cladding, such as partitions or false ceilings. The trusted supplier of ACP cladding is ACP Malaysia.

These ACP wall cladding sheets are used to decorate interiors, such as walls. The aluminium sheet composition of these ACP wall cladding sheets is bonded to a non-aluminium core. These are praised for features such as resistance to stains, washability, and friendliness to the environment.

The aluminium composite panel’s price in Malaysia varies based on quality. Other features such as size thickness length width are also essential for setting aluminium composite panel price in Malaysia.

We are also involved in supplying clients with a wide variety of ACP Paneling and ACP Paneling Facilities. Without any construction modification to the current building structure or installation and production, these facilities are commonly used in new construction or converting the existing building structure into a new look and design.

ACP Malaysia has achieved a reputation for providing Exterior ACP Sheets Malaysia as a thriving company. Recognized for its outstanding design and finish, this sheet is made using superior quality material and advanced technology under experts’ supervision.

ACP Malaysia

ACP Malaysia is one of the leading Aluminium Composite Panels manufacturers.

Aluminium Composite Panels supplier and a trusted brand for commercial and industrial installations of aluminium cladding Malaysia also have a big name. Our aluminium panels are versatile, simple to produce, and easy to install to give your company beautiful looks. With trust & guarantee, we give commercials & industries a furnished & classy look.




Aluminium composite panels are produced by surface treating the aluminium plates with a specialized lacquer surface and baked in the presence of polyethylene.

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Aluminium composite panel’s popularity is evidence of its high performance. Its ability to mold into any decorative element makes it an excellent choice for adding an artistic effect to buildings.


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