PE Aluminium Composite Panel structure is essentially composed of three layers which together along with a coating of PE combine to form a highly insulated flat panel. The two layers of aluminium sheets are bonded together permanently with an internal core of polyethylene which when coated through PE makes the surface even more flat and highly resistant. An important point is that only the front of the panel is coated with PE (Polyester) Paint so that maximum damage can be absorbed without the damaging the interior core and sheet.

PE coated panels have unique features which makes them the first choice when it comes to having a panel that is a weather resistance. One important thing that needs to be remembered is that the installation process of coated panels is fast and efficient which makes the entire process easier.

There is a reason why PE coated aluminium panels have been in high demand over the last few years, this is because of the fact that PE coated panels present quite versatile options with consistent features. The most common applications of PE coated panels would be the usage in interior decorations, billboards & signs, usage in partitions of rooms, low building claddings and ceiling. One of the biggest advantages of PE panels is the that they come out in a variety of colours for the sole reason the usage of  PE panels in kitchens and rooms is also common.


The OXITRO® ( PE Aluminium Composite Panel ) has a great number of advantages , like lightweight, high strength, extreme rigidity, superior impact resistance, excellent surface flatness and smoothness, heat insulation, acid-resistance ,alkali-resistance ,good weather proofing and uniform colours, etc.

In addition, the PE coating aluminium composite panel can be easily processed, fabricated and quickly installed. It is elegant and magnificent and its good flexibility makes it fit to various designs. It is also characteristic by easily maintenance and simple cleaning.


The OXITRO® ( PE Aluminium Composite Panel ) is widely and mainly used for interior wall decoration, shop face decoration, partitions interior decorations and more. This building material is also ideal for use in billboards, signboard, ceiling, eaves, balconies, kitchen, bathroom, galleries, tunnels, subway interior ,bus and train interior ,elevators, curtain walls and pedestrian walkway and other industrial usage.





  • Wide range difference colours, attractive surface mat, and metallic
  • Excellent weight, stability, ratio and is much lighter than other materials given the same dimensional stability and even than panel show a perfect flatness
  • Easy match ability gives the shapes flexibility, making it a versatile panel to achieve the complex designer solution
  • Totally environment friendly, it could recyclable and reusable in the production cycle leaves no harm effects on the environment